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Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at the Citadel on Wednesday 29th June 2011

Colin Duthie – Chairman
Brian Martin – Vice Chairman
Gordon Rainey – treasurer
Stephen Brown – Multi Activity Sports Club
Gavin McLeod – SDS
Dawn Whittle – SAC/SASC
31 Service users and Support staff


Colin thanked everyone who was in attendance and it was established that a sufficient quorum was present.
He gave a thank you to Gavin McLeod for taking time out as CEO of SDS for his attendance.


Apologies were received from Ann Findlay SAAS Secretary and Chris Carlyle SASC.


There were no previous minutes available due to illness.


Colin explained that it has been a very difficult year due to his work commitments and the lack of committee members. The main negative being was due to the lack of governance and the incompletion of the Minimum Operating Requirements requested by SDS we have lost our membership to Scottish Disability Sport, in which we are trying to correct this with the help of SDS which Gavin McLeod agreed.
On a more positive note Colin confirmed that three committee members had attended the Safeguarding Children delivered by UK Sport through East Ayrshire Council. Also four committee members had attended the Vulnerable Adults delivered by South Ayrshire Council.
Colin also thanked Dawn Whittle and Chris Carlyle of SASC for allowing us to be involved again in the production of their sports directory.
It was decided that we will need to speak to South Ayrshire Voluntary Association to see if they can help with providing reliable volunteers preferably from a sporting background. It was also mentioned that as we work in partnership with Ayrshire Sports Ability and South Ayrshire Sports Council who we would also be approaching to see if they can provide any assistance.


We have a registered club membership of approximately 100 clients which are split between all the clubs listed below.

Club 1: (Multi Activity Sports Club). This is held on a Wednesday morning at the Citadel for over 18's between 9 and 12 for swimming and multi activity. We have on average 35 members weekly which gives a total footfall of 1575 per year.

Club 2: (Active Futures Club). This is held on a Wednesday evening at the Whitletts Activity Centre for over 16s between 6 and 8pm which has approximately 35 members and approximately 20 people attend each week for multi activities. This gives an approximate footfall of 900 people per year.

Club 3: (Class Diamonds). This is held on a Thursday afternoon at the Citadel for an hour. It has approximately 20 adults of various ages who have a wide spectrum of disability. SAAS support the club by offering specialist equipment and financing a second instructor.

Club 4: (Club Diamonds Girvan). This is a new club which has just started in January 2011 on a Tuesday afternoon in the South Parish Church for an hour. It has approximately 10 people of various ages who require support.

Club 5: (A.C.E. Race Running Club). This is a club which is affiliated to SAAS in which we are helping to support in time and also helping them to secure funding.

Colin stated at this point that it takes a great amount of work to keep all five clubs running and is very grateful for all the support received from members, helpers and South Ayrshire Council.

I would like to thank the council for all their help in supplying coaches and the accommodation of which some of the cost is covered by the council and the remainder is covered by SAAS.


This event again has proved very successful over the three days in which over 600 children with special needs had fun and the chance to try some sports. This was supported in kind by SAAS.

We are hoping to develop three sports which will be Swimming, Boccia and Athletics. At present we have Scott and Jamie McCowan who are on the short list for the GB Paralympic Boccia squad. We also have Gavin Drysdale who holds a few world records with race running bikes in the athletics field and is off to Denmark shortly to compete.


Our new website which was delayed due to SAAS being unable to get a volunteer to build it, will be up and running shortly thanks to Craig Beck of Essence Web Design.


Gordon presented the accounts to the floor explaining that although we have a balance as at 31st March 2011 of £19,761.90 almost £14,000.00 was all committed to the new club diamond in Girvan and the development of the website.
It was also mentioned that we have applied for funding from Tesco's for £3,500.00 which has all been agreed subject to accounts and we have also applied to Awards for All for the purchase of race running bikes which we are still waiting for a decision.
The charges for the clubs which we collect the money for will remain unchanged at present although these charges will be reviewed as and when required.

Colin thanked Gordon for his support and strict control of the accounts.


As there were no nominations for the post of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary or Treasurer it was unanimously agreed by the floor that the current committee would stay on with the exception of the Secretary who has had to step down due to health problems.
Colin has again intimated that he can't stay on as Chair for much longer due to his health and work commitments and has said he will try to get someone who has the same passion for the charity and with a preferred sporting background to take over. If so an Extra-ordinary General Meeting will be called.


No other business was raised.

Colin again thanked all in attendance for there support.

Time and date of next AGM to be arranged.

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